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 Reef Express is a snorkel tour company located on the Great Barrier Reef . We explore unspoiled reef sites less than 50 minutes from our departure points and you can enjoy an exciting ride to this magical wonder departing from the coast at Mission Beach.

We are open all year around providing our customers with fascinating and unique snorkeling tours either in groups or private charter.  

Reef Express tours provide the opportunity to snorkel in private with a maximum of 12 passengers without crowds or waiting lines. You will receive personal attention and have the opportunity to have 'one on one' time with the crew to answer any questions you may have  regarding the Great Barrier Reef . 

Reef Express crew conduct a  nature based tour,  we prefer our customers to enjoy the same interests such as seeing marine life including Dolphins, Humpback whales, turtles, rays or other marine creatures we will show you from our quiet, adventure RIB , - Reef Express.

Did you know some of our best weather occurs during the wet-season from November to March with beautiful flat sea's ensuring an enjoyable tour with our experienced crew and the opportunity to see some truly fascinating marine creatures which can only be seen during this time. We have full length stinger suits which cover head and hands also for the warmer months and full length wetsuits for the winter, these are complimentary for free use on the day.

(Please view our Facebook- Reef Express  and Instagram photo's -Reef Express, Mission Beach, to see what our professional team have been sighting on our recent tours,  we love to share our photo's with everyone.  Please note- our photos and video are taken by us on our tours in our locations !  Who else is seeing what we see?   )

Enjoy the liberation of being one of our passenger's on Reef Express, the fast RIB vessel, designed for comfort, adventure and interaction with the unique wildlife in our area's at the Great Barrier Reef.

Enjoy viewing different species of dolphins that can be seen at times on our Great Barrier Reef tours including a  'rare' dolphin breed. Don't forget to ask us about them 

You can help us keep watch for dolphins and other marine life to and from the reef. We always stop for our favorite Dolphins so they can come and say 'Hello' to us and you!

Whale season for Humpback's is from July to September and we have seen increasing numbers in our areas over the last season, of course having a fast RIB vessel means its no problem for us to go out of our way to show-case the natural wildlife to you but you might be half an hour late getting back so let us know if you have a plane or bus to catch. 

Quite often opportunities to swim with turtles arise's , which is a truly amazing experience in the wild.

If required we provide a professional snorkel guide to show you an array of fascinating marine life and where to find them, whilst also being in the water with you to ensure you are completely comfortable and relaxed.


Terms and Conditions

Cancellations must be advised to Reef Express prior to 5.00 pm the day prior to departure or the full amount is non-refundable. Departure times may vary therefore, all bookings should be confirmed with us the day before by 5.00pm. All departures are subject to minimum numbers. We reserve the right to alter locations or cancel tours at anytime, or for any reason, or due to unforseen circumstances. Changes to duration times due to weather, illness or to ensure passenger safety will not be refunded. RISK:Marine stingers and Jellyfish inhabit these waters and clients should take care of their own safety. Clients entering the water do so at their own risk and to minimise the risk of stings we recommend that you wear a full-length stinger suit whilst snorkeling or swimming during the cruise. Stinger suits are provided for your use on our cruise. We make every effort to safeguard our clients however we cannot be held responsible for any property loss or damage, and/or claim resulting from personal injury or death arising whilst traveling with Mission Beach Island Reef Adventures or Reef Express, participating in activities, on or off the vessel, or associated with other company property. This disclaimer applies irrespective of the cause.

Tours cancelled due to extreme weather will only be refunded in full if booked directly with us. If you are booking through a travel agent please be aware of their refund policy and terms and conditions.