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 Drift Snorkel,

The Complete Adrenalin Adventure.

Drift along ocean currents on the Great Barrier Reef , unique to Reef Express!

Fast, exciting, fun trip to the reef edge.

Drift snorkel amazing coral wall edges and drop-offs, floating along ocean currents with snorkel guides to show you the way.

This tour can take you for up to 2 klms in distance and is the longest snorkel we know of in Australia on the Great Barrier Reef.

Drift snorkel for up to three hours on beautiful coral reefs as our skipper follows along beside in the boat, absolutely amazing experience, a private, personal and unique way to explore the Great Barrier Reef.


*  Fast ride to the Great Barrier Reef

*  Located on incredible coral reef drop-offs

*  3 hours snorkel time

*  Unique to Reef Express

*  Snorkel guides

*  All snorkel equipment provided

*  Up to date reef information

*  Snacks,fresh fruit, tea/coffee, cold drinks provided


Check in 8.30am at the Clump Point Boat Ramp, Mission Beach

Departure time is 8.45am

Return 2.15pm approx.

Adults $185pp